The Doctor o last resort - ebook by Dr Debbie


This ebook has information to provide a better understanding how natural medicine are used to treat chronic problems.

Complementary (alternative) medicine popularity for treatments has been on the increase in Western Medicine in the last few decades. Having a keen interest on how the body can heal itself and natural medicine Dr Debbie Smith has been studying and researching for the last 20 years into this effective treatment modalities.

The purpose of this information is to educate people about the science, how complementary medicine works and the possibilities natural medicine has to offer.

Dr. Debbie Smith (M.Tech:Hom) is an Integrative complementary medicine practitioner, focusing on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition. Dr Debbie has been using a blend of advanced, modern techniques and ancient Chinese remedies for the last 14 years in practice.

The treatment with patients is based on a balanced holistic approach to mental and physiological wellbeing.

Dr Smith uses natural medicines in her practice with no harmful chemicals in our practice in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The focus is also on individualised treatments for illnesses and aliments

Treating the cause, not the symptom

Specialising in safe, healthy and holistic forms of healing methods

Excerpt  from ebook  – Chapter 1

Samuel, age 43, has been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for the last two years. He has increased bowel movements, up to four times a day, low energy and craving sweets. Prior to this he had a project he worked on working extensive hours. He was very busy and his diet changed to eating take-out foods and sugary foods. The project was also stressful as he was the leader and he find himself worrying about this even on Sundays.

In Chinese medicine the diagnosis would be Spleen Chi deficiency. The Spleen is responsible for digestion and assimilation of food. When the Spleen is weak the Qi would also be weak. Diarrhoea is a sign on is losing chi, this will lead to being exhausted. He would then try to make up for this energy loss and then crave sweet things.

The Vagus nerve (a nerve connecting the digestive system to the brain) can also impact worry. Hence most IBS are also linked to a state of stress and worry. He was advised to change his diet to wholesome foods. Interesting enough he was instruction given to not eat all raw food. He had to eat food that is “pre” digested, as the digestive system was already weak. This included steam and cooked food.

The acupuncture treatment focused on improving his spleen meridian and calming his mind. After eight treatments once a week his digestion and bowel movements improved. His energy also improved. He continued to come for maintenance treatments every 2nd week as he was still doing the project and felt the treatments helped him focus and kept his energy up.