Dr Sandra Squara

Dr Squara is a Registered Homeopath and has been in practice for 15 years. Among various post graduate certifications, Dr Squara has attended IFMCP (Institute Of Functional Medicine Certification Program) as well as The University of Stellebosch Functional Medicine program.  Her skill set also include dry Needling and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

Dr Squara applies the principles of treating the patient by gathering as much information around the systems in the body using laboratory testing, functional and genetic tests and traditional physical examination techniques. By spending valuable time discussing the patient’s history, patterns emerge and treatment is based on underlying causes rather than symptomatic presentation.

My reason for having sought out Dr Squara to join the practice is that her principles and approach to treating patients in consistent with what you have come to expect at our practice.

Patients are treated based on underlying causes rather than symptomatic presentation.  As such, information is gathered by discussing patient history, functional and genetic testing and physical examination. And for you the patient you have Saturdays available for appointments.

By considering a range of lifestyle factors, dietary changes, Chinese, herbal and homeopathic medicines and supplemental medications, a complimentary approached is achieved.

Detailed case history notes are taken to ensure a smooth follow up between Dr Sandra and Dr Debbie

Saturday appointments are available