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Adrenal fatigue

How to recognise when your adrenal glands are taking strain


Quite often l talk about this big lion that is constantly chasing you and giving you a hard time to even cope up with anything happening in between your life. You feel like you have to run as fast as you can and reach the finishing line and yet you can not afford to rest in between. In real life, that is PRESSURE! If you feel like you have carried that pressure from the previous year right into this new year l promise you, this is a good time for me to give you a heads up on signals being sent by Adrenal Glands that mean you are ‘under attack’  and what to do.

Research has shown that about 80% of the population will struggle with Adrenal Fatigue at some point. Questions you could be asking yourself right now are, “What is Adrenal Fatigue, does it even exist, what are the symptoms, and how do l treat it?”

“Adrenal Fatigue” is a buzzword for a constellation of symptoms that crop up when your adrenal glands can’t cope with your non-stop schedule and relentless stress, leaving you feeling worn out, burnt out, and, frankly, looking pretty haggard.”

With last year’s pressure, the long holidays, and hectic start to the year, your body is bound to feel like it’s literally stuck beneath a rock. Constantly feeling tired, even after you have had some sleep, failing to catch up, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, are some of the key indications that you could be clouded by Adrenal Fatigue.

Here is a list of symptoms you should look out for that are related to Adrenal Fatigue:

  1. Poor sleep / no sleep at all
  2. Feeling overwhelmed by life
  3. Failing to concentrate/focus
  4. The menstrual cycle is off
  5. Being unable to cope normally with stress
  6. Your gut/digestion is off
  7. Feeling groggy
  8. Your body is puffy and sore
  9. Thyroid issues
  10. Brain fog


These symptoms and more could be indicative of a few different disorders and are often overlooked by doctors. However, when these symptoms accumulate, this could be an indication of the onset of Adrenal Fatigue.

  1. Poor Sleep / No Sleep 
    In a perfect world, when you have a great sleep, you would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day with abundant energy and zeal. When you put too much pressure on your body and mind, you put a strain on the adrenal glands and this imbalance can provoke sleeping disorders which eventually result in fatigue. 
  2. Being Stressed
    Almost always, the women acupuncturist Chiu treats for adrenal fatigue are completely stressed by their day-to-day lives and self-care is last on their list of priorities…” at least, until their bodies finally shut down,” she says.
    Feeling groggy in the afternoons
    “The adrenal glands should emit pulses of cortisol all day,” says Vitti, but stress and exposure to chemicals can change the cortisol pattern. “We might not get energy until the afternoon or even 10 p.m.,” she says. Because we hardly get time to pay attention to all these things happening around us and even miss the signs until such a time as we are literally on the edge and about to fall over. I have listed here the best support you can go for in order to give your vitality a boost and take care of your Adrenal glands to avoid the syndrome:

Ideal supplements to take : 

  • Rhodiola
  • Ginseng
  • Withania
  • Licorice
  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium Hydrate Citrate
  • Revisit your diet and increase your intake of foods such as coconut oil, organic meat, and vegetables, and most importantly prioritise exercise in order to stimulate endorphins (at the same time as burning excess fat) 

Reduce/avoid the intake of the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Highly processed oils (raw, cold-pressed virgin oils are beneficial)
  • Excess fat

I trust this will help you to have an incredible start to the new year with plentiful energy and zeal.

With love
Dr Debbie

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