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Loss of function over time

Loss of Function over time

Loss of function over time Ok, how did you get yourself in this spot where it is taking longer to get rid of symptoms than



Heartburn and acid reflux Acid reflux or acidity is one of the most common conditions that many people suffer from in our society today. This

Chinese Medicine and liver

The Liver and detox

The Liver and Detoxification In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is almost difficult to talk about and analyse physical symptoms that any patient presents without

Happy females


Endometriosis This one is for our lovely female patients We now live in a society where we are exposed to a lot of xenoestrogen “foreign” estrogens,

Lockdown and weight gain

Lockdown and weight

How not to get fat during lockdown I am sure you will agree with me having a schedule is exceptionally important during the time of



Fever and your immune system Lately, fever is given a bad rap. Let’s talk about how and why you get a fever. The first thing



Insomnia There is nothing as frustrating and daunting as being wide awake 1 am, 3 am all alone at night because you’ve been tossing and

Organo remedies

Homeopathy -How we fix your body with its identical.   Organo homeopathic remedies.   Today I would like to share with you a little gem

What can you control?

 Lessons learned doing crazy stuff Living in the moment I often get asked why I do endurance events? For me it is two fold It

Blood flow for improving health

Your body’s circulation system is responsible for carrying blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. What that means is, should there be a hindrance, or

Living in the moment

Learning life whilst doing crazy stuff My previous blog about understanding what we can control and what we can’t was so popular and many patients have asked

Herbs in the Footsoaks and mechanism of action

Tibetan Footsoaks

I have just sourced  the most amazing Tibetan footsoaks. My colleagues in the world have been talking about these for the last 18 months.  These are

Self healing tool

Nifty self-healing tool Nifty self-healing tool I have been looking for a tool that you can use to help you treat and open your meridians

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity from a Functional and Chinese Medicine point of view – Part 1 You have most likely heard more and more people say they

Flying and packing suitcase

Easy Flying – Checklist

My tips for flying locally or internationally Flying has become such a big part of modern society and I see so many patients that have unpleasant

Ninja tools

What are Ninja weapons doing at my practice? Muscle and pain relief  – Smart tools Did you know there is an 80% likelihood that you

Stop eating sugar

Stop sugar

5 Things that happen if you eliminate sugar from your diet As many of you know I recently broke my elbow in a mountain bike accident.

Flu and colds

With flu season around the corner here are 7 tips to help you prevent getting a cold or flu 1. Use hand sanitisers more often.



It used to be said are we toxic now it is HOW toxic are we? One of the single most effective tools in my practice

China trip

  There is so much information about diet in the news everyday that it can be quite confusing to know what is right for you;

Chronic fatigue

Adrenal fatigue

Quite often l talk about this big lion that is constantly chasing you and giving you a hard time to even cope up with anything happening in