Circulation system

Find out why blood flow is so important

Your body’s circulation system is responsible for carrying blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body. What that means is, should there be a hindrance, or the flow be disturbed or reduced in any part of your body, you may experience many poor blood flow symptoms.

Your blood contains all the nutrients that feed your whole body, this includes your organs, muscles, brain, etc.

I want you to think of circulation not only as a ‘bad circulation’ but want to demonstrate how blood flow impacts your whole system.

Imagine the following :
On a Monday morning with back to back crucial meetings lined up, the last thing you would want to encounter is a traffic jam. The frustration that you feel affects your physical being. And you may experience a variety of symptoms all related to a lack of blood flow :

  1. Low mood – less blood flow to the brain
  2. Tight chest – less blood flow to the heart
  3. Tiredness – less blood flow throughout the whole body
  4. Headaches – less blood flow to the head

When you stressed everything in your body constricts this includes your blood vessels. This means less blood flow throughout the body and a lack of nourishment to your organs.

Research has, however, shown that poor blood circulation in the body is a result of different underlying causes. These include:

  1. Cardiovascular disorders
  2. Inactive lifestyle
  3. Dehydration
  4. Inflammation
  5. Nutrient deficiencies
  6. Age
  7. Stress

In order to determine how I get to the underlying cause of pathologies, I used varied modalities in my practice. This helps determine how severe the blood flow is and what measurements and treatments need to be implemented for optimal health.

1. Functional Medicine Matrix
2. The Chinese medicine Pulse diagnosis
3. Blood tests
4. Specialised Functional Medicine tests

1. Functional Medicine Matrix Approach 
In this modality, I gather and organise health information in the context of the seven clinical imbalances.  With all the information that is put together, we are able to get to the root cause and come up with the most effective ways to increase blood flow in the body or to treat any other underlying cause of disease. [Look out for my next letter for more details on how we apply this approach in detail]

2.  The Pulse Diagnosis Approach  
Chinese Pulse diagnosis is one of the most ancient diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine, used to see what the imbalance is in your body and treat appropriately.

The pulse provides immediate and specific information that can help clarify diagnostic information.
There are 12 pulses and each pulse quality determines what is happening in your organs. The main pulse for blood flow is the pulse on your wrist closest to your hand.

2.  Blood tests and Functional medicine tests

These might be included to determine the underlying cause. An example of this would be s-CRP showing inflammation in the cardiovascular system which may affect blood flow.

Upon getting to the root cause, the next and most important step is to come up with a treatment plan. We use the best and advanced natural ways to come up with the most effective ways that can guarantee a speedy movement of blood in the body:

Tibetan Foot Soaks
One of the most effective ways of dealing with blood flow is our Tibetan Foot soaks.  Our soaking base contains more than 30 different Chinese herb extracts. These extracts all come from the highest quality hand-picked wild Tibetan herbs. Your feet absorb the herbal essences released by the bags and these help with blood flow in the body. Studies have shown that after 20 minutes the essential oils are in the bloodstream, indicating how well your feet can absorb herbal essences.

These herbs help activate the flow of the blood in the body.

Acupuncture treatment is by far the best way to improve blood flow. Below, is a Thermo-camera captured picture that shows the effects of acupuncture.  Picture 1 shows the foot in a blue color which is an indication that there is poor blood flow on the foot.  Picture 2 was taken after an acupuncture treatment had been done and the color change “which is red this time around ” shows the effect of Acupuncture in stimulating and promoting blood circulation in the body.  

The video below shows you how to get the blood moving through the use of natural medicine:


Remember, don’t wait for symptoms to get severe. At the slightest indication that the body is out of balance, out of order, take a step and do something about it, even better, go the natural and most esteemed way.

Why is follow up appointments so important?

Most patients opt for 1 x month appointments once their problems/symptoms/conditions are resolved to maintain their great health. These appointments are vital to determine that the medication that is being used is still correct, that the pulses are all balanced and the main focus is on the prevention of disease.

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