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Dr Dave Wepener

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Over the years he has witnessed a shift in illness from acutes to a major increase in chronic progressive illness requiring individualized wholistic medicine. As a qualified Mindfulness instructor and Djembe player Dr Dave combined teaching mindfulness with West African drumming, facilitating regular workshops. He has certification as a Corporate Fitness Leader from Dr Tim Noakes Health Foundation. He is also a trained bereavement and grief counsellor which he has expanded further into trauma, PTSD and substance misuse management. He and his wife regularly cycle, swim and hike. He has walked the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage through the north of Spain. Qi Gong is an ancient movement and mind practice that he also incorporates into his daily routine. Dr David has two daughters, two grand children and a stepson. Get to know Dr. Dave

Dr David Wepener has more than 40 years of diverse clinical experience as a registered health practitioner.

During this time, he has been fortunate to continue studying and deepening his skills related to his qualifications in Homeopathy and Naturopathy with further studies of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

“Having had the unique privilege of treating family members through three to four generations over my years in practice, I am deeply thankful that our profession can facilitate profound healing while at the same time, uphold the maxim “above all do no harm” 

I have witnessed enormous change over four decades, both in patient care, and treatment, as well as disturbingly dramatic rise in chronic and auto-immune diseases. WHO has also reported a 25% increase in anxiety and depression post Covid

Our treatment modalities including Homeopathy and TCM continue to inspire me as they enable us to offer relief and cure of so many acute and chronic conditions of mind and body.

In a society more stressed and confused, its a blessing to have an holistic practice based on reliable, sensible, scientific principles that work, and are fulfilling for me and our patients.”

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