Chinese Medicine


3000 years ago, Chinese medicine did not have machines, x-rays, or MRI’s to detect disease or medical issues. What were they to do? The Chinese developed the ability to detect medical issues via a person’s radial pulse. This is not that different than a Western doctor looking at your pale skin and saying, “hmm you skin is a bit a pale, are you anemic (low iron in your blood),” Or no different when your friend comes over and you have no idea, but you see your friend and you can instantly see they have a cold or flu. It is an outward manifestation of an inward disease.

The pulse that we feel in Chinese medicine is no different. The pulse, or blood volume/force down the arm into the wrist where we feel the pulse is a presentation of disease on the inside. I have always said our Chinese pulse is much like the modern MRI. With both, we can peer inside your body and see what issues are going that we are away of, and ONES THAT WE ARE NOT.

The pulse is a wonderful and incredibly almost scary accurate way to tell if you have low libido, hormones, blood sugar problems,  aches and pains, gastrointestinal issues, gall bladder or liver problems.  Of course, the pulse-taking is not infallible, we do make mistakes, but the pulse is incredibly accurate at diagnosing the WHY you have a disease.

Such as fatigue, it could be your hormones, stress, pain, sleep, your liver, heart, adrenal glands, digestion, thyroid, a virus, depression just to name a few. So, what do we fix? Do we just throw darts at the dartboard and hope for the best? NO! In Chinese medicine, we take the pulse and by taking the pulse we can the “reason” you have your fatigue.

It might surprise at what is going on medically with your body.

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