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Post surgical bone fractures

Broken bones – not as much fun as you think.

Broken Bones

If you a fan of Harry Potter-like me you might recall the scene where Harry’s broken arm gets fixed in one day with some potions. If only that could be true. Alas, it is not. 

Having broken multiple bones in both my arms, don’t even ask ….. I know a thing or 2 about helping to speed up the process. That is after your visit to the orthopedic surgeon of course.

If you are familiar with my work you might have heard how I focus on blood flow. Everything for healing is to do with great blood flow. Now, this is the thing as we age our blood flow slows down. Think of a baby before the age of two. Have you seen them fall before? They a bit like a rubber. They bounce. The reason is the rich amount of blood flow. Funny fact. It is about 2000 times. Wowie ! We fall once and really injure ourselves.

Now imagine a river of water running. Can you see how the water runs? Now imagine there is a drought. The river starts to slow down. Now over time, we get pockets of water forming and no flowing river anymore. The water becomes stagnant and just sits there. This is the analogy to think about blood flow in the body.

The other obvious but neglected part of a fractured bone if surgery was involved in the scar. Scar management, which is breaking up of the scar, is very important to get the muscle and joint to move in a natural way. This treatment is done once the skin is ready. The treatments below all play a role in scar management.

Now my job is to improve that movement of blood to help speed up the healing.

I use the following treatment methods to do so:


1: Look at this cool picture. A thermography camera took it. A very specialized camera that picks up heat. The more heat the better the blood flow. You can see the foot is a bit blue. After 30 minutes of acupuncture, the colour of the foot immediately changes to red – this is a great thing. 

xray Dr Debbie Smith - healing. Xray showing the fracture and the plates in the elbow

2. Biopuncture – specialized homeopathic remedies that get injected to improve healing. One remedy in particular is trammel that helps to reduce the inflammation. And don’t worry if the affected area that got injured is either too swollen or under a cast, there are many other acupuncture points that I can use.

3. Bioptron light. This clinically tested, proven, and certified device was developed in Switzerland. It assists in natural healing therapy and pain relief. The polychromatic light penetrates the skin at different depths, activating cells, accelerating local blood circulation, and stimulating the whole body’s regenerative process. UV – free – no risk of adverse effects.

4. Homeopathic remedies – one of the most common remedies prescribed for broken bones are the remedy symphytum. A unique formulation is prescribed according to your symptoms.

5. Natural herbal medication – A variety of different remedies can be used to help the healing process again depending on your condition and exact symptoms. The most common being Turmeric.

6. Blood tests can also give us an indication of the status of certain nutrition in your body. The most important one being…. drum roll. I will give you a hint not Calcium. But in fact Vitamin D.

7. A list of what foods to eat more of and what foods to avoid are also given along with your treatment.

8. Once the scar is ready I use myofacial tools to help achieve this.

9. Lastly prevention of chronic problems is something I focus on as well. You might have heard: “Yes you are going to feel that joint / bone when it is called and in the winter”. The reason that people say that is that they don’t know how critical blood flow is. Improving the blood flow for the future is key.

You don’t need to understand X-rays to understand these of my broken bones.

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