This past weekend we completed the beautiful  Magoebaskloof 100km Adventure race.

How Epsom salt helps for many different conditons

It took us 21 hours to complete the race. The race started with a 4km hike, 11km cycle, 7km paddle, 13km cycle, 21km hike and  a 42 km cycle. Lots and lots of hills and the most amazing scenery.

I thought I would share with you a little trick I do recover from muscular stiffness after such long events. In fact I recommend for patients to use Epsom salts on a daily basis for a variety of conditions that is why I decided to share this information with you.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate – so when you soak in the bath with the salt your body absorbs the magnesium and this relaxes the muscles.

80% of us are magnesium deficient – either due to stress or eating refined foods. As soon as we eat refined sugar our body has to use our own magnesium to convert it into energy. So much for the advertisement “Sugar gives you energy”.

All the benefits and how to use them at the end of the pictures.

I love adventure racing besides for the beauty one explores, one has to constantly use your mind to find the checkpoints and read the map.
If you want to learn more about these exciting activities I have included some cool websites. Rogaine is suitable for younger kids as well as the distances are much much shorter.


Adventure racing involves map reading with a compass – Nice and old school (no modern GPS)

The view looks like a picture someone created – this was on top of a mountain

At the finish line after 21 hours of racing and climbing up a very steep cliff

Benefits of Epsom salt Drink water whilst you are soaking in Epsom salts bath. Soak anything from 10 – 30 minutes. If you have blood pressure problems please start slowly 5 minutes and see how your body tolerates Epsom baths.

1. Eases  stress  and  relaxes  the  body
Stress  drains  the  body  of  magnesium  and  increases  levels  of  adrenaline.  When  dissolved  in warm  water,  Epsom  salt  is  absorbed  through  the  skin  and  replenishes  the  level  of  magnesium in  the  body.  The magnesium  helps to  produce  serotonin,  a  mood-elevating  chemical  within  the brain  that  creates  a  feeling  of  calm  and  relaxation.  Research  shows  that  magnesium also increases  energy  and  stamina  by  encouraging  the  production  of  ATP  (adenosine  triphosphate),
the  energy  packets  made  in  the  cells.  Experts  believe  that  bathing  with  Epsom  salt  at  least three  times  a  week  helps  you  to  look  better,  feel  better  and  gain  more  energy.  Magnesium  ions also  relax  and  reduce  irritability  by  lowering  the  effects  of  adrenaline.  They  create  a  relaxed

feeling,  improve  sleep  and  concentration,  and  help  muscles  and  nerves to function properly.

2.  Relieves  pain  and  muscle  cramps
An  Epsom  salt  bath  is  known  to  ease  pain  and  relieve  inflammation,  making  it  beneficial  in  the treatment  of  sore  muscles,  bronchial  asthma  and  migraine  headaches.

3. Eliminates  toxins  from  the  body
The  sulfates  in  Epsom  salt  help  flush  toxins  and  heavy  metals  from  the  cells,  easing  muscle pain  and  helping  the  body  to  eliminate  harmful  substances.  Your  skin  is  a  highly  porous membrane  and  adding  the  right  minerals  to  your  bathwater  triggers  a  process  called  reverse osmosis,  which  actually  pulls  salt  out  of  your  body,  and  harmful  toxins  along  with  it.  For  a detoxifying  bath,  at  least  once  weekly  add  two  cups  of  Epsom  Salt  in  a  bathtub  and  soak  for  10

4.Athlete’s  Foot  –  Soak  feet  in  an  Epsom  salt  bath  to  help  relieve  the  symptoms  of  Athlete’s Foot.

5.Remove  splinters  –  Soak  affected  skin  area  in  an  Epsom  salt  bath  to  draw  out  the  splinter.

6.Treat  toenail  fungus  –  Soak  your  affected  toes  in  hot  water  mixed  with  a  handful  of  Epsom salt  three  times  a  day. Add  a  few  drops  of  Ti  Tree  essential  oil.

7.Soothe  sprains  and  bruises  –  Add  2  cups  Epsom  salt  to  a  warm  bath  and  soak  to  reduce  the pain  and  swelling  of  sprains  and  bruises.

8.Ease  discomfort  of  Gout  –  Ease  the  discomfort  of  gout  and  reduce  inflammation  by  adding 2-3  teaspoons  of  Epsom  salts  into  a  basin  and  immersing  the  affected  foot/joint.  The  water should  be  as  hot  as  it  is  comfortable.  Soak  for  about  30  minutes.

9.Remove  foot  odor  –  Mix  a  half  cup  of  Epsom  salt  in  warm  water  and  soak  your  feet  for  10 minutes  to  remove  bad  odour.

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