Supplements to help your immune system

I have researched and found that the following are the leading supplements to help your immune system.

Interesting enough, only one of these would not have been on my list for general flu prevention in previous years.

What I have also done as look at the most therapeutic and cost-effective way for you to take these supplements in the next months.

Vitamin D –  Vitamin D works 500 different ways in the body. One of the most important ways is the immune system. As I mentioned in my previous newsletters, a lot of people become vitamin D deficient during the winter times due to two reasons. The first one is that we spend more time indoors because we cold and therefore have less sun exposure. The second reason is that the sun’s angle is different in winter, so we get less sun. It is recommended, for adults, 5000iu during this time.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means if you’re taking high doses, you do want to monitor it, so once we get into summer, it might be a good idea to do a blood test just to see where your levels are.

You might ask me, isn’t it strange that in sunny South Africa, there is vitamin D deficiency? What he has a surprise for you most likely 90% of patients that I test for vitamin D is deficient in this. Again modern-day society leans ourselves to spending less time in the sun,  and the other factor is if you use sunscreen, you block out 90% of the benefit of what the sun could have given you. So you would be surprised how many people are vitamin D deficient in South Africa.

Zinc has shown to shorten the duration of a cold or flu. And it also boosts your immune system. Even though I write little on zinc trust me it is vital.

Vitamin C
First, let us address why Vitamin C is so essential. We are the only mammals that cannot make vitamin C and have to take it in via food. Some research has shown that our food quality has become very poor due to overutilization of the ground and not giving a chance to remineralize. So if granny had a sore throat and then wanted to take an orange to help her to get her vitamin C, it could have worked for her. In our lives, we most likely need to consider about six to seven oranges to get the same quantity of vitamin C to be beneficial for us. Supplementation has become essential to help fill the void that food is not providing to us.

Preferably you want to take a Vitamin C  that is non-acidic. It will either say on the bottle non-acidic, buffered, or Ester-C. Too much acidity is harmful to the body and can make you prone to other chronic conditions.

Echinacea premium for Medi-Herb
Studies on Echinacea extracts have shown that some of them possess multiple beneficial actions in the treatment of viral respiratory infections: (1) a direct virucidal activity against several respiratory viruses; (2) reversal of the pro-inflammatory response of epithelial cells and tissues to different viruses; (3) reduction in the excessive secretion of mucin by airway cells and tissues; (4) lack of cytotoxic effects or disruption of tissue integrity by Echinacea in airway cell cultures or tissues, at practical antiviral concentrations; (5) additional potentially positive effects on cellular gene expression. A combination of these beneficial activities could reduce the amount of prevailing viable virus, and their transmission, and also lead to amelioration of the virus-induced symptoms.

The reason  I recommend Echinacea from Medi-herb.
It has two different strains – Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea purpura.
Video by the founder Dr. Kerry Bone on The Benefits of Echinacea Premium.


The latest research is showing melatonin can also help with certain flu conditions. Now let me tell you a little bit about melatonin. It is a prohormone made by your own body at night time. This hormone gets released before you go to bed. It is secreted when it is dark.  Melatonin puts you into a sleep state, which helps with sleep. Now again, in modern-day society, we have too much screen time; this could include TV as well, which suppresses the release of melatonin. Good quality sleep is essential to boost your immune system.

Practice sleep hygiene where your room is,  dark enough that if you put your hand in front of you, you can’t see it.  Have the room temperature-controlled not too hot, not too cold. As quiet as possible. And make sure you get sufficient sleep, that is for most people between 6 to 7 hours a night.

Ideally, we want melatonin to be secreted naturally from the body,  so practicing sleep hygiene is essential. If you currently have a problem with sleep and Insomnia, then it’s best to chat with me so we can see the best thing to do for your sleep. And it may include the melatonin, which will be prescribed by your health care provider. 

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