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7 Ways to improve your immune system without spending a cent

7 Ways to improve your immune system without Spending a Cent 


  These days it has become even more essential for us to focus on our immune system and keep it healthy and let it do what it is designed to do.


 So let’s look at seven ways to improve our immune system daily. 

  1. Hydration

You must stay hydrated for your body’s chemical processes to work effectively, so let’s see what involves proper Hydration.  Water,  vegetable juice, and herbal teas are your best ways to stay hydrated.  caffeinated drinks, including coffee and tea, dehydrate your body.   The secret is to slow during the day to give your body the time to absorb the water. From a Chinese medicine point of view, what ideally wants to avoid ice drinks.  These ‘injure’ the spleen.   The spleen is responsible for the digestion of food.

2. Sleep

 Sleep times differ between people.  The average sleep a person needs is between 7 and 9 hours.  Some people claim they can get away with only sleeping 3 hours a night, but long-term, this will affect your adrenal glands, which indirectly will affect your immune system. When you go to bed, you want the room to be as dark as possible for your body to secrete a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant as well, and this also helps your immune system. Other good sleep hygiene would be to turn off screens, ensure that the room is cool, quiet, and set the reminder to help yourself go to bed on time.


3. Eating like the rainbow.

 One wants to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, as this helps protect your immune system. During winter, we want to focus on the citrus fruits which contain Vitamin C. Oh, and by the way, we are the only mammals that cannot make vitamin C on her own, and we have to take it in via food.  Foods that include high in vitamin C include oranges, kiwi,  lemon,s, and naartjie.  Research indicates that brightly colored vegetables and fruits boost immunity better than most supplements. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables –  aim for ten servings per day.   Include fermented vegetables or other probiotic-containing foods.


4. Managing stress

 When you in a state of fear, your immune system indirectly gets affected. So what can help you is if you do breathing exercises, meditation, spending time in nature and training, to name a few.  Find out what your triggers for stress are, and address those.  If you are unsure and you might be in a state of severe distress, see how professional to help you.

5. Get some sun

 Vitamin D works 500 different ways on the body. Your immune system must reduce inflammation and moods and bring up, to name but a few.  Ideally, what you want to do is spend 20 minutes a day in the sun without sunscreen. Wear a hat if you are concerned about your face and wrinkles.  If you’re not used to the sun, slowly increase your exposure and not spend time in the sun when it is its hottest to prevent burning.  If you use sunscreen, you are blocking out 90% of the benefit that the sun can provide.   Please also remember the tone of your skin and color and how you will react to the sun.   Take into consideration what is right for you.

6. Exercise

Moderate regular physical activity helps boost the immune system by raising levels of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress hormones.


7.  Avoid  inflammatory foods

 When you are in a state of inflammation,  your body has to work so much harder to control this, and your immune system cannot be as effective.  The biggest culprits of foods that create inflammation in the body are sugar, fizzy drinks, and refined foods, including wheat.  It is best to avoid these or minimised as much as possible.  Research has shown if you eat sugar, your immune system is compromised for six hours afterward.  So best to leave the treats for special occasions.


During these times taking your supplements – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea is also helpful. If you missed my previous blog on you can read more here on the supplements in detail. Insert link


Slowly start to incorporate these 7 steps, and your immune system will thank you, and it will help you deal with whatever comes in its way. 



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