So you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING…

And now you are ready to find the real ROOT CAUSE of what ails you..

And finally have a customised blueprint for YOUR body to heal!

Natural medicine, without the need for chemicals, can help your body heal and restore balance. With the right signaling, your body has the ability to heal.

Like so many health conscious people these days, you are increasingly aware of what you put inside your body (and thank goodness you are! Viva ah naturale!) From the food and water quality you insist upon, to the medicine and supplements you take – you expect the absolute best.

You’ve googled all your niggles and symptoms and now you are even more confused about what is going wrong with you…and how to fix it. I totally get it!

It’s no wonder you’ve felt this way. Browsing the health shop or shopping online can make you feel totally confused by all choices for natural treatments. The world of information available today is a double edged sword. Mostly, it’s filled with contradictions and/or misinformation.


That is exactly why I have mindfully created a step-by-step, easy to start path that will help you navigate through your natural healing journey. Now, you no longer have to go it alone, trying to figure it all out yourself.

I have studied for over 24 years to understand how the physical body and the body-mind connection works in it’s best alignment. So, my approach is to first discover the root cause(s) of your symptoms before creating a customised health & healing plan for you.


You are unique, and your treatment plan should be as well.


Is this YOU?

YOU suffer from a chronic condition


  • Customised Path Begins Here: Explore the condition history to see how/where it began using our Functional Medical Matrix. This reveals the big “why” so you fully understand and we know the exact right course of action to take. Then we treat the “why”.


YOU have pain (acute or chronic): lower back pain, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, injury related pain (especially from exercise), fracture pain, shoulder pain, wrist & carpal tunnel pain, knee pain, and other body pains


  • Customised Path Begins Here:  Using the Emotions & Triggers Exploratory Process, we explore the events, triggers, and underlying emotions connected to and associated with the pain.  Then we treat the pain through our unique Acupuncture “Distal Needle Technique”. This technique pinpoints the exact “distant” part of the body we use to reduce pain on the spot.


YOU have an acute symptom: Sore throat, cold or flu, diarrhea, food poisoning, sudden unexplained headache, stomach ache (indigestion, gas, burning, nausea, tightness, sharp pains), trauma, intense emotional upset, grief, other emotional/body issues.



  • Customised Path Begins Here: Perform a physical examination, including looking at your tongue for ailment indicators. Then I create a custom treatment plan designed specifically for you, your ailment, and your fastest path to wellness. The goal is to alleviate your symptoms and reduce the possibility of it developing into a chronic ailment.


Using a blend of Ancient Medicine and Modern techniques I create a comprehensive and integrative treatment plan for you.

As we move through the root cause discovery process, I have available these additional diagnostic tools/techniques (when appropriate):  

  1. Detailed functional medicine questionnaire

  2. Chinese Medicine Element diagnosis

  3. Specialised Functional Medicine tests

  4. DNA testing (Epigenetics)

  5. Detailed case taking – physical, mental and emotional

Treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese medicine
  • Homoeopathy
  • Tibetan Footsoaks
  • Bioptron light
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Cupping and moxibustion
  • Biopuncture
  • The highest therapeutic grade supplements and herbs are used in my practice.
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The best time to treat a symptom is NOW!

Waking up and waiting each day for the problem to resolve on its own might not be the best idea. .

The longer you leave your problems untreated, the longer your condition will take to resolve itself, not only costing money but also in time.


I don’t want that for you! You deserve to create the future and health YOU desire.


So, the FIRST STEP on your path to fully restored health and vitality is to

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