Lockdown and weight gain

How not to get fat during lockdown

I am sure you will agree with me having a schedule is exceptionally important during the time of lockdown. I realised on Friday, I have only walked about 80 meters!!  I was busy working on my CPD points (Continual Professional Education) during that day and did not realised how quickly the time went.

With all the news that has been going on, it has been difficult finding a “new normal”. I am doing online consultations now, so my general flow has changed. These have worked very well for patients, and we continue to keep up the work we have been doing to maintain excellent health.

One of the most important activities we can do is to have enough water during the day. We need water for nearly every biochemistry action. The aim generally is 2 liters per day. Herbal tea will count, as well. Water is also essential to make your brain function well.

I have a bit more time to nap. I’m taking the opportunity because nothing improves your immune system as proper sleep, so while there is less rush to make use of the time for adequate rest.

Exercise is the next one – We need to move.  If you have limited space, consider lunges and squats. These exercises work well because it activates your biggest muscles in your body, and this gets the blood to move in a big way.  The other day I managed to run 3 km up and down the driveway after seeing patients. It felt great! I included every 2nd ‘lap’ some form of exercise – lunges, squats, pushups, sit-ups, etc.

Another form of exercise that can be done is something called Tabata. Doing somebody exercise (using no equipment) every 30 minutes. Example do 15 pushups one-half hour then squats, then sit-ups, etc. You have your workout session – Done!

Eating / Diet
Since I’ve torn the tendon off my finger, I have been quite conscious about my diet. Substances that affect healing include dairy, wheat, and alcohol. These foods are inflammatory.  I have excluded these in my diet already for one month.  Now that the tendon is starting to heal very nicely, I have slowly begun to introduce these back on my diet. Pull the break!! Back to veggies and fruit and good quality protein.

What you want for your immune system is healthy colour foods – think of vegetables and fruit. Making sure you get enough either fiber to help your digestive system is just as important.

Mental activity
I have always studied extra, and as you might know me, my motto is: “How do I help a patient get better in the shortest time.” So I am now finishing off my life coaching Studies to help more patients,  especially during this challenging time we all are going through.

With everything that’s going on currently, it is essential to unwind. Puzzles are one of my great escapes. What is your favorite hobby to relax?

Writing goals down increases your chances of actually achieving the goal. So make your goal sheet now so that you achieve your goals. 

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