Loss of function over time

Loss of function over time

Ok, how did you get yourself in this spot where it is taking longer to get rid of symptoms than before?

The most important thing about where you ended up now is to consider where you have come from—your health history. In fact, side note – keeping a record of this for yourself will serve you well in the future, mainly if you deal with a Functional Medicine practitioner.

So let’s look at what can impact your future health. This could be an excellent time to make a note for yourself as we go along.

Firstly 80% of births are traumatic. Think about how that affects your nervous system – creating a state of fight-flight from day 1.

40% of children fall on their head by the age of 1. Yikes, this is significant.

A child between the age of 2 – 5 falls at least 2000 times. I kid you not – a person has done a Ph.D. on this. But remember it could still be ok for them with the high amount of blood flow in their bodies. They are slightly ‘rubbery.’

At the age of 5 years, a child would have had a sports accident, like gymnastics, biking, soccer, etc.

Now, as we get older, more stiff and rigid, less blood flow and less blood = less and slower healing.

12 – 18 years –  Now we deal with stress, car accidents. 70% of teenagers are in an accident within two years of receiving their license. Do you remember the 1st time you were on your own in a car after you got your license? Was a bit nerve-racking.

18 – 21 Party time !!!! Varsity, bad eating, drinking alcohol, not enough sleep. Need I say more?

Then from 21 – we have work stress, don’t exercise as much as we should, financial burden (how is any new worker supposed to get out of debt, buy a house, and provide for marriage and children in the beginning stage of their careers? Phew – I am exhausted just talking about it.)

So now you can see what we have to deal with before we even start dealing with the current situation and symptoms.

Then something happens – “The straw that broke the camel’s back” –  adult symptoms start to appear and increase.

So now I step in. You come and see me, and you’ve already had some of the symptoms for a while. The function of the body is, say, 30% below average. The symptoms are of such a nature that now you say, “hello here I am, please sort out my problems”.

So we walk the path (if you give me enough time to help your body while it heals itself), and you start to feel better. We will call this phase Relief Care. If you leave the problem for a long time, it takes longer to treat.

The next step is that we continue the treatment to where you feel great, and now we focus on Maintenance Care. To achieve the maximum level of correction, 12 months of treatment is recommended so that the symptoms do not come back.

Be the person who strives for 80% plus the function of the body to prevent disease and improve your health!

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