Homeopathy -How we fix your body with its identical.


Organo homeopathic remedies.


Today I would like to share with you a little gem of a particular group of homeopathic remedies. These are referred to as Organo remedies. 

Dr. Debbie:  ” Because you experiencing a particular set of symptoms, l am going to prepare some homeopathic drops for you, with specific remedies that will help address everything that we have discussed so that you feel much better quicker”. 

If you have been at our practice before, this could be a very familiar line for you. I believe the most important thing when crafting your treatment plan is to prioritise what could make you better in the fastest possible way. The secret is in the choice of medicine and prescription. 

I have special and very specific Organo remedies that l fuse with other remedies to optimise your health and help with the healing process. Below l have listed a few things that make these Organo remedies the most important if not the key aspect of all the homeopathic drops/medicine that you get at the practice :

1. Unlike homeopathy that treats by ” similar”, these Organo remedies help treat by ” identical”. What this means is, diseased organs, glands, and tissues are treated by identical remedies that are tissue and glandular extracts. 

Think for a moment if you can help regenerate and balance the body. 

Let me give you a few examples to illustrate this point. 

  • a person has heartburn because the valve is in the stomach is not working effectively. When given Pyloric valve (the valves name that keeps the food in the stomach once you have eaten it) the valve may slowly repair over time. 
  • A hormone remedy called FSH (follicle releasing hormone) can affect fertility. If the level is too high I will give FSH in a specific potency to lower the FSH to improve fertility. 
  • A person who suffers chronically from sinus may benefit from sinus mucosa nosode to help reduce inflammation in this area. 

You might not have known this but when I prepare your specific homeopathic remedies I include these in your formulation to help your body to balance and restore. 

A special note these remedies are not available over the counter and only be obtained by a homeopath.

2. Organo remedies further help stimulate, suppress, or regulate the tissues. Remember, my guiding principle as l try to help you with your problem is to get to and fix the ultimate root cause. As such, having discovered the root cause of your problem, Organo remedies help to stimulate, suppress or to regulate the desired biological function of your tissues. This activity is however administered by the potency of the remedy being used. 

A 4-CH potency stimulates sluggish organs, glands, or tissue activity 7 CH potency balances organs, glands, tissue activity 

A 9-CH potency slows down accelerated organs, glands, or tissue activity 

3. These special remedies have been specially formulated in such a way that they promote and act as a catalyst in the healing process. They do not focus on healing the body tissues alone, but rather, extend their strength to your body’s immune system as well. 

Check out this picture below of 3 Organo remedies that we use at the practice :

Organo remedies some examples

They say dynamites come in small packages, you better believe me when l say that small brown bottle contains MAGIC. 

With love 

Dr Debbie