Allergies and Autoimmune disease

  • Immune-system-and-Autoimmune-disorders

This disorder is when the body attacks it self. The question needs to be asked why? Why is the body become confused with its own tissue – this is the same for all auto immune conditions. One of the reasons is the immune system attempt to fight either a virus, bacteria and or fungus. The body has not shut down this mechanism and is still attempting to kill the culprit that may no longer be there.Treating the cause of the Autoimmune disease helps to correct the immune system over time.

There are also other factors that can contribute to auto immune conditions. This includes heavy metal toxicity, chronic inflammation, incorrect diet (recent research has indicated junk food can be a trigger) and a genetic factor.

At the point of origin the cause is of main concern. Treat this imbalance and the body may restore itself to normal physiology.