• Homeopathic injectables


In our practice we use also homeopathic remedies in an injectable form. We inject into very specific acupuncture points for maximal results. The advantage of this is quick delivery for improved results of the natural medicine into the area that needs treatment.

By adding the remedies directly into the tissues that needs treatment the effect of the treatment is increased. We use the injectables to boost the immune system, treat acute problems (like sore throats) and for any painful condition.

Some examples of how biopuncture can help you

Increase the immune system

Treat degeneration of the spine for relief

Relief muscular spasms

Treat inflammation

Treat lower back and neck pain

What is Biopuncture?

Biopuncture is a therapy whereby specific locations are injected with biological products. The majority of the products are derived from plants. Most of these injections are given into the skin or into muscles. As an acupuncturist I inject into the acupuncture points for maximum effect.

Has it been proven that Biopuncture works by regulating the immune system?

Biopuncturists have observed the effects of these injections for decades. Recent research on Biopuncture has given new insight on how these products seem to do the job. For example, scientific investigation has illustrated that Traumeel® indeed works via the immune system. In June 2004, an article was published in an important medical journal, Clinical & Developmental Immunology, which is a highly respected journal in conventional medicine. Your physician will be surprised to hear that the mechanisms of action of Traumeel® include inhibition of IL-1ß and IL8 as well as inhibition of TNF-alpha secretion. Another study was published in 2014, also illustrating the effect on the immunesystem by Traumeel® on athletes (Scand J Med Sci Sports).


How does Biopuncture work to help me with my pain or inflammations?

In conventional medicine, the drug you take suppresses your symptoms immediately (anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections). That is why you need to take high doses of chemical substances in order to suppress pain or inflammation. And usually it works immediately. But as soon as the medication stops working, you have to take another pill to reduce the pain or to suppress the inflammation again. However, in Biopuncture small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate the natural healing processes. These ultra-low doses regulate mechanisms which are available anyway. So, the healing effect comes from your body — not from the products themselves. It’s the reaction of your immune system which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing. The reaction of your body may produce better local blood circulation, tissue repair, relaxation of muscles or local detoxification.


Where are these injections given?

Most people — especially those who are apprehensive about injections because they may have had bad experiences with injections in childhood — are surprised at how easily and quickly these injections are given. In fact, these injections cannot be compared to the ‘usual’ injections given in conventional medicine. They are not as painful as an injection in, for example, a hospital because the needle used is very fine and the quantity injected is very small. Most of them are given under the skin, others are given into specific muscle points or into your ligaments (= bands that hold your bones together). Your doctor doesn’t give the injections arbitrarily, but they are administered in the zone you experience as painful. Sometimes he needs to inject in carefully chosen spots in other areas, such as in trigger points. The place where your doctor injects the product is as important as the product itself. It’s different for each patient. You may have joint degeneration of the hip, and yet the biopuncturist may inject into your muscles in the thigh. You may suffer from headaches after a whiplash, and the biopuncturist might decide to inject into your neck ligaments.You may have a hernia in the neck, and yet the biopuncturist may inject into your muscles in the neck and shoulder to treat your arm pain. If after a series of weekly sessions the pain in the arm disappears, the biopuncturist will conclude that the hernia on the MRI scan was not the real cause of the pain in your arm.

How many injections will I receive each session?

Usually you will receive several injections each session. For example, if your doctor wants to work on your liver, he or she will give about seven little injections under the skin on your belly. When you have pain in your elbow, your physician will look for several painful spots in your arm muscles or elbow ligaments, and inject each of them in one session. In such a case, you may receive anything from three to ten small injections in your elbow, neck and arm. So in most cases, several little injections are given in a specific zone (or in several areas) of the body at each session.

How many sessions of Biopuncture will be necessary?

The fact that your doctor uses small doses of natural products instead of cortisone injections means that you have to be more patient. If you have had problems for several months or even years, your doctor must work on different layers. If it is a complicated case, your doctor must also look for deeper causes of your complaints and work on these. This may be the case when treating, for example, eczema, allergies, headaches or migraine with Biopuncture. Sometimes your hormonal system has to be regulated. Or you need a detoxification (“cleaning” of the body) first. As a result, you may need several sessions to feel the results of the treatment. Because these products do not cause any major side effects, you may be motivated to be more patient than usual. In the long run, however, the results of Biopuncture are longer-lasting because the healing comes from within and does not depend on the pills you take every day to take away the symptoms.

When should I consider Biopuncture?

Neck pain and back pain respond well to Biopuncture, but one can also treat pain in the shoulder, knee or Achilles tendon using these natural vaccinations.  Biopuncture is also very successful in treating tennis elbow and golf elbow. However, Biopuncture is not just used for pain problems, osteoarthritis or sports injuries. An area of treatment worth noting is that of allergies and inflammations. For example, one can treat asthma, eczema and hay fever. And even patients with bronchitis, gastritis, cystitis and sinusitis can be treated with this technique. When a physician is experienced in the technique, he or she can also treat you for migraine, tension headache, pseudosciatica, and so on.

Who may benefit from Biopuncture?

The use of biological injections can benefit those patients who have tried conventional medicine but have had no success, or those who have had to stop taking conventional medication because of side effects. It is an interesting healing technique for those patients who want to avoid surgery (for example, for sciatica or sinusitis). In some patients it may be advantageous to combine the conventional approach with Biopuncture. Each case should be taken into account individually, of course. Unfortunately, we do not have large clinical studies which confirm the effectiveness of this method. This is unlikely to happen in the near future as conventional companies will not invest in expensive scientific research and clinical studies because natural compounds can not be patented. Additionally, it is very hard to design a double blind study on this injection trchnisue because each patient received an individualized injection protocol (e.g., trigger points, pain points).




Biopuncture is a safe and efficient technique in complementary medicine. It uses biological injections to stimulate the natural self-healing capacities of your body.



Excerpt from – Founder of Biopuncture