DNA Diet

DNA Diet


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DNA Diet Overview

Who’s it for?

  • If you are battling with your weight
  • If you have tried every diet and keep yo-yoing with your weight.
  • If you want to know once and for all what diet is right for YOU
  • Find out if the amount you sleep is affecting your weight
  • If you want to find out how much exercise is aiding you for weight loss

What is it?

One of the first products of its kind in the world, DNA Diet is designed to assist the you in the design of a personalised healthy eating plan based on individual genetic differences.
DNA Diet also provides additional insight into how you react to carbohydrates, saturated fats and intensity of exercise, allowing us to personalise your eating plan to suit your needs.
The Science:
DNA Diet tests a number of well-researched gene variations that impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as eating behaviour. The tests analysed these SNPs to understand how an individual’s genetic profile will impact their response to what we believe to be the three most effective healthy eating plans. i.e. Low fat, Mediterranean, and Low Carbohydrate. Research suggests that individuals do respond differently to different food combinations and no ONE way of eating is right for everyone.

How to order the test:

We work through Nordic Laboratories. All payments is done via a secure site.  The kit will be delivered to your work / home (just about any where in the world), you will receive clear instructions how to do to the tests. A courier will collect the kit. After about 2,5 weeks we will get the results. Either a Skype consult or Office consult for interpretation can be arranged.


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