Herbs in the Footsoaks and mechanism of action

I have just sourced  the most amazing Tibetan footsoaks. My colleagues in the world have been talking about these for the last 18 months.  These are pharmaceutical grade herbs that assist with so many conditions.

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My colleagues in the States have been using these herbal foot soaks for about 18 months now and the feedback from patients has really been phenomenal.
I am talking about conditions like peripheral neuropathy, that is very difficult to treat, where patients start to regain feeling in their nerves.  (Peripheral neuropathy is where patients have reduced feeling in their feet).

As in all conditions your whole case with all its symptoms and timeline needs to be taken into account to understand how effective these footsoaks would be.

Let me explain how it works
One of the main problems with modern society is something called “stagnation”. In Chinese Medicine this means energy in the meridian pathways is stuck. As we get older, we the strength of the blood flow in our bodies gradually dwindles – remember you need good blood flow to get nutrients to your organs for them to function well. Now think of a child younger than three. Think how many times they can fall and hardly anything happens to them. This is to do with the blood that is flowing beautifully and the abundance of blood flow. Now fast forward to a person who is in their 40’s. We fall and we can injure ourselves seriously and it takes longer to recover. This is also a result of different strengths of blood flow.

The herbs used are some of the Earth’s most powerful stimulating, warming and healing herbs that have come from some of the harshest environments. These rare plants and formulas come from the snow-covered fields high in the Tibetan mountains, to create a powerful healing foot soak.

Ancient Tibetans have known for thousands of years the benefits of soaking the feet for medicinal purposes. Only now is Western science catching up to the knowledge of the ancient wisdom of the East.
In a recent study done by Harvard, a simple warm bath before you go to bed at night can significantly improve your sleep. Click here to read the study  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10566907
After reading about the benefits of hot water before going bed based on the Harvard study above, imagine what a hot foot bath with the addition of powerful Tibetan herbs can do for your health.


Peripheral neuropathy
Plantar fasciitis
Painful and irregular menstruation
Back pain
Cold hands and feet
Cold abdomen with diarrhea
Sleep difficulties / Insomnia
Joint swelling
Enhance immune system strength
Sports injuries
Common Cold

So we offer these wonderful soaks in 2 different ways

  1. You come to our practice and have a relaxing foot soak (30 – 45 minutes depending on condition being treated ). Best is to experience one foot soak at our practice to understand what needs to be done at home.
  2. DIY – Or you purchase for home use and treat yourself.

Best results are to do a course of 10 treatments – again depending on your condition.

Some of the Comments of my colleagues:

“Two weeks ago I came home after a 5-day, 55-mile backpack trip in Wyoming. Along with great pictures, I brought home pain. My right foot had a sharp pain with every step, my right ankle was stiff, and my legs were swollen. As good fortune would have it, my first small batch of soaks arrived that afternoon. I’ve now done a soak or two every day for thes two weeks, and was able to dance with abandon at an event over the weekend. What I learned in the two weeks was

  1. Yes, pain was worse at first (for the first 2-3 soaks)
  2. Consistency matters in terms of the heat in the foot soak tub (those mylar sheets help) and in making time daily to have a soak
  3. Sometimes my body really craved the soaks
  4. Spider veins have almost completely disappeared.

I can see how these will be part of my life beyond just healing this traumatic injury. Other than also drinking xiao yao san, I didn’t treat my foot with any internal herbs or acupuncture, as I wanted to see what the soaks along could do. I’m looking forward to getting these soaks to patients and have to figure out how to dole them out till the big shipment comes in.

Comment 2 :
A patient texted me today: “I am completely amazed by the effects of this herbal soak. I am 90% pain free. Today I walked down by the river where I used to go. I had avoided it all summer because of the hill I have to climb. There was no pain during or after the walk.”

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