Ergonomic desk setup

Tips for setting up your desk

I will never forget about 15 years ago when I went to a seminar the speaker showed how quickly a person developed trigger points in the shoulder and back by sitting incorrectly.
Drum roll ….. How long do you think it takes? It takes but only the extent of 5 minutes,
Your body will help compensate to keep you in this incorrect posture to support you by tightening up certain areas. Depending on your body type and over time you will then develop stiff muscles. If left untreated it will spread further in your back and it can even develop into headaches.

Tips for setting up your desk

  1. Have you screen eye level  – if you are working on a laptop raise the computer and use an external keyboard.
  2. Make sure your feet is touching the ground so you are stabilised
  3. Do not cross your legs as you will cut off the circulation. (If you are in the habit of doing this use this tip to unlearn the crossing of the legs. Use a belt and apply over the legs uncrossed. This will remind you to sit with your legs uncrossed.
  4. Get up every 30 minutes to walk around and loosen your body.

Favorite stretches for sitting a long time

Roll down the spine :

Cat stretch:

If you still need help to release muscles –  Herbal soothe plasters. These plasters contain Chinese herbs and release tight and achy muscles. There are 5 plasters in a pack. You apply on the area (it has an adhesive) and keep on for 8 – 12 hours for relief.

Herbal Soothe Plasters

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