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Dr. Debbie Smith and Corporate health talks

Signature talks

Corporate talks 

As a seasoned Natural Health practitioner, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to promote holistic well-being, ensuring your workforce operates at its peak potential.

Explore Our Signature Talks:

1. How to Maintain Your Energy for Optimal Focus:

Discover the secrets to sustained energy levels that lead to heightened focus and productivity. I share practical strategies for managing energy throughout the day, guaranteeing your team remains engaged and excels in their tasks.

2. How to Achieve the Five Pillars of Health for Optimum Performance:

Dive into the fundamental pillars contributing to overall well-being and peak performance. Gain actionable insights into nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and mindfulness, empowering your team to thrive personally and professionally.

3. Managing Anxiety and Depression Naturally to Lead a Fulfilling Life:

Prioritise mental health in today’s corporate environment. I offer a compassionate and informed perspective on managing anxiety and depression through natural methods, fostering a supportive workplace culture.

4. How to Reduce Your Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

Illuminate the importance of cognitive health and explore strategies to mitigate the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Empower your team with knowledge that supports long-term brain health.

These talks are crafted to inspire positive change and enhance the overall well-being of your workforce. Each session is interactive, engaging, and tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Beyond our signature talks, I am open to exploring additional health topics that align with your corporate objectives. Whether it’s stress management, nutrition optimisation, or creating a culture of well-being in the workplace, I am committed to delivering content that resonates with your team.

(The video on the TV screen shows how your brain can regenerate – a term called Neuroplasticity. How amazing is this?  This silent video clip shows brain neurons growing and connecting as we think about something. Originally, this clip was shown in a presentation by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neurologist.) 

For enquires / bookings – corporatetalks@drdebbie.co.za

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