Dr. Debbie Smith and Corporate health talks

Signature talks

  1. How to maintain your energy for optimal focus
  2. How to achieve the five pillars of health for optimum performance
  3. Managing anxiety and depression naturally to lead a fulfilling life
  4. How to reduce your risk for Dementia and Alzheimers

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Debbie’s practice is education. Knowledge equals power and responsibility, and this creates better health outcomes.

Being in practice for 20 years and treating 1000’s of patients  Dr. Debbie has designed her signature talks to have maximum impact on a person’s health. 

(The video on the TV screen shows how your brain can regenerate – a term called Neuroplasticity. How amazing is this?  This silent video clip shows brain neurons growing and connecting as we think about something. Originally, this clip was shown in a presentation by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neurologist.)


For enquires / bookings – corporatetalks@drdebbie.co.za

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