Dr Debbie Smith, Plettenberg bay, Garden route, Bryanston

Functional Medicine Tests

Certain tests can assist in finding out exactly what the cause is making the treatment much more effective and specialised. These tests are available from our practice.


“7 years ago I started developing sore muscles and tissue tenderness. Over the years this had progressively become worse. To the point that I felt so tired even after sleeping 8-10 hours a day. Added to this I was in constant pain.

Over the years I had been to so many doctors and had been on various medications, which would help for a month or two, with the pain and fatigue, however, the relief never lasted long. 

Soon other health issues were starting up viz, chronic inflammation, tender and sore abdomen, constipation, chronic sinusitis, and high levels of allergies –mostly food.

The last straw for me was when the doctor’s diagnosed Fibromyalgia and prescribed serotonin.

The stool test was the guiding light to help with the correct medication and I would definitely recommend this to any more suffering with the symptoms I have described.”


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