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You are unique so should your approach and natural prescription be unique.


By feeling your pulses I can detect the imbalances in the body and your tongue will show us your internal barometer.  A detailed case history, will give me a definite view of your current health status. I take all this information and during the first consultation delve deeper into the reasons for your conditions / symptoms. I take all of this into account using a functional medicine matrix and decide the best treatment plan for your condition.  

I look at every aspect of your health and take all symptoms into consideration when I devise a comprehensive and integrative treatment plan for you. All symptoms include the physical, mental and emotional.

The root cause of your ailment is of utmost importance to me. Functional medicine tests may be used if we need a more in depth look at the cause of your symptoms. I only use the highest therapeutic grade supplements and herbs to treat your symptoms. My goal is to help you get better in the shortest possible time by helping your body to heal itself and restore balance.

This protocol is for you if


Looking at the whole of you. This includes your physical, mental and emotional sides to treat the ‘ALL’ of you. I incorporate a variety of healing methods to help the body.  With 18 years in practice I know what works: Blending advanced techniques with ancient techniques to get the best result for you.

You make an initial appointment where I will use Chinese Medical Pulse diagnosis to understand the imbalances in your body. This appointment includes reviewing your health history and your emotional history – this is the time line. A tailor-made natural medicine and acupuncture program will then be created for you.[

The longer you leave your problems untreated, the longer your condition will take to resolve itself, not only costing money but also in time. The disease progression chart shows that when you cross the regulation division then the returning to normal becomes so much harder. So it is really easier and quicker to treat symptoms as they appear or when the blood tests show a slight imbalance. In fact most of my patients come once a month to maintain their health.

Our temperature-controlled office has been designed to bring about relaxation. The needles are as thin as your hair and you won’t feel most of them. Specialized healing frequency music at 432Hz immerses the room in peaceful energy whilst you will float away on the treatment bed. Make sure you arrive early and are not rushed so you will be able to enjoy the full benefit.

New patients choose one of the following 3

  1. Acute  – If you have had the problem for less than 3 months. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, please consider when you first became aware of the symptoms. Take that the time you started feeling the symptoms as day 1.
  2. Chronic – If you have had a condition for more than 3 months.
  3. Muscular – for muscle problems. This would include neck pain, back pain, sprains and strains.

Click on the link to book an appointment : https://drdebbiesmith1.cliniko.com/bookings#service

You will get an email within the next few minutes. Complete the New Patient intake form online. And diarise your appointment.

We are located centrally in leafy Bryanston, close to major highway networks and offer secure parking

]If recent blood tests are relevant to what we are treating you might not need to go for additional blood tests. Specialized functional tests might be recommended to get to the root cause, and thereby shorten your treatment time.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy to accommodate all patients.

We are contracted out of medical aid. You submit your invoice yourself. Please check with your medical aid how reimbursement works for your scheme. 

Yes, the 2 modalities can be used in combination. It is best to discuss the details with Dr Debbie during your consultation


If you are on any prescribed medications do not stop using these without consultation.

Yes we offer a courier service. Please email info@drdebbie.co.zaor contact us to arrange medications for you. Local deliveries R65. (Purchases over R1000 are delivered free in Gauteng).

The medication prescribed has been carefully selected to be of the highest standard and most therapeutic for you. Most of the products are “practitioner-only” and not available in health shops and pharmacies.

The homeopathic remedies have been specifically selected and formulated for you and are in most cases complex remedies which means only our practice can repeat the medicine for you.

Repeat scripts can be prepared for you in advance by either phoning in or emailing us. Please check that we have sufficient stock levels to assist you.

It is best to have a consultation after 1 month to ensure that there is no need for a script change, or so that appropriate changes can be made, taking into account how you are responding to the natural medicines.

Granules (small white pillules) Take a thin layer covering the bottom of the cap, away from meals (about 20 min). Drops : Generally 20 drops is a dose. Best to keep the remedies for a few seconds under the tongue. If it tastes too strong then you can dilute with a little bit of water.

Acute conditions: Have 1 dose every hour for the first day, then see how you feel the next day, and thereafter follow a general frequency of 5 x a day, until improvement is sustained.

Chronic conditions: Take 1 dose 4 x daily

The medication prescribed is specific for the condition you have come in for. It might not work as effectively for another person. The Homeopathic remedies will treat mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

The homeopathic medication is safe even for babies to use.

Best taken on an empty stomach – 20 minutes away from meals. It is best to evaluate herbal medication after 1 month if you are using the medication for a chronic problem.

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