Dr Debbie Smith, Plettenberg bay, Garden route, Bryanston

Gluten intolerance analysis

IgG and IgA gliadin antibodies are often elevated in patients with celiac disease or in those who suffering from gluten intolerance. There is also often an increased levels in patients suffering from autism and epilepsy. The indication for taking the test include if a patient has tested positive to gluten-containing grains in food intolerance analysis. The symptoms can vary from patient to patient and can range from abdominal pain and headache to fatigue and muscle soreness. The test result shows how many units antibody that has been measured. Based on these results it can indicate, if the result is negative, positive or strongly positive. Treatment: At elevated levels, the patient should follow a gluten-free diet. There will recommend supplements that support intestinal function, so that it is quiet again.

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