Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is most of the most common conditions on the rise in modern society. Understanding and treating the root cause is of utmost importance to have success in treating this condition. Many of my patients have been prescribed conventional anti-depressants for this condition as one of the symptoms are low mood but with little improvement on their conditions. Mitochondrial dysfunction is linked to fatigue. The mitochondria are litttle ‘power-houses’ in the cells that makes energy.


Common symtoms of fatigue:

        • Poor sleep / no sleep at all
        • Feeling overwhelmed by life
        • Failing to concentrate/focus
        • Menstrual cycle is off
        • Being unable to cope normally with stress
        • Your gut/digestion is off
        • Feeling groggy
        • Your body is puffy and sore
        • Thyroid issues
        • Brain fog



Some uncommon symptoms of chronic fatigue linked to stress:

      1. Dizzy when quickly getting up
      2. Salt cravings
      3. Easy bruising
      4. Depression
      5. Food allergies
      6. Inflammation

I will list a few but these are not the only underlying conditions that affect fatigue

      1. Sluggish thyroid
      2. Blood sugar imbalance
      3. Vitamin D deficiency
      4. Low iron levels
      5. Sluggish liver
      6. Poor digestive health
      7. Chronic fatigue / burnout / continuous stress
      8. Vitamin and mineral deficiency
      9. Chronic toxins
      10. Food sensitivities
      11. Chronic viral infections

In our practice our main focus is finding out the root cause and treating this.

Stress and the many effects on the body. A 13 minutes video explaining in detail how stress is affecting your body negatively.


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