Dr Debbie Smith are qualified and registered to practice under numerous modalities including acupuncture.  This makes the practice absolutely unique.  Only a handful of practitioners World-Wide have the training required and the ability to approach your health with this multi disciplinary combination of skills.

We use extensively Acupuncture as part of one of our healing modalities since it is so effective in improving blood flow. For good health good blood flow is essential. The red blood cells carry the vital nutrients for all your organs and tissues. If your blood is reduced or it become stagnant ill health ensues. Think of a baby under the age of 2 years old. They can fall nearly 2000 times and hardly injure themselves. They are nearly a bit rubbery. The reason for this is the rich amount of blood flow. As we age our blood reduces and it becomes more stagnant. For great health we keep the blood flow flowing.

Dr Smith is situated close to the Sandton Clinic in Sandton, Johannesburg. Treatments offered:

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Functional Medicine
Nutritional Counselling
Cupping and Moxa
Tibetan footsoaks

Lymph Drainage

Did you know in South Africa it takes 5 years to qualify as a homeopath? We have to complete a Research and dissertation for our final year.Card practice

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