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Organix Acid

The intestinal environment, genetics and the right nutrients play an important role in the body’s health. A simple urine test can provide answers on how busy the body is so targeted and accurate treatment can begin.

Organix analysis is used as a tool for people who suffer from undiagnosed illnesses or symptoms where no diagnosis has been made (for example, fatigue or stomach problems). Further analysis may be useful if you want to optimize the body’s ability to handle everyday stress (pollution, use of medications, aging, sports training). Organic acids analysis shows how the parts of the body’s functions can be supported, and thus function optimally.

Organic acids:
The accumulation of organic acids is typically caused by a biochemical blocking of the body. A proper diet, the appropriate dietary supplements and the proper way of life can improve biochemical function.

Organix assay measures of more than 45 different markers, each giving an individual biochemistry. The many markers together give a broad picture of the body as a whole, so a targeted treatment can begin.

Organix Acid
Organix Acid

Fat burning:

Translating fat not optimally extracted energy is not correct, and much fat is stored as fat deposits. Organix analysis shows about fat burning can be supported.

Carbohydrate Burns:
Translating carbohydrate mistakenly acts cells unsatisfactory and among other fatigue may be experienced. Organix analysis shows what nutrients are missing as biochemical reagents.

Energy conversion:
The body has to generate energy from food. During digestion digested food are converted into small parts that can be part of the energy generating processes. Energy formation only works properly if the proper nutrients are present. Organix analysis show where there are blockages, and what nutrients which can be usefully consumed.

B-vitamin deficiency
B-vitamins are involved in hundreds of enzyme systems in the body. They are important in relation to cardiovascular diseases, fetal health, mood, etc. Exactly what vitamins are lacking can be seen from Organix analysis.

Neurotransmitters are important for mood and mind, but also shows something about the body’s state of stress. Constipation for example are due to possible shortage of neurotransmitters in the gut.

Liver Detoxification function:
The liver taxes in different phases. Organix analysis provides answers to the liver taxes correctly, and at what stage there is a reduced function.

Antioxidant Status:
Antioxidants are important in the fight against the harmful free radicals. They are formed especially when the body is exposed to pollution. Despite the large consumption of fruit and vegetables, there can be a lack of antioxidants.

Overgrowth of decay bacteria in the gut:
If digestion is not functioning optimally this can cause overgrowth of putrefaction bacteria, which can affect stool pattern, texture, smell, etc. With Organix analysis the answers to your digestion is affected by the overgrowth of putrefaction bacteria.

The overgrowth of fungus in the intestines:
Stress, consumption of fast-food or refined food, and the use of antibiotics can lead to overgrowth of fungus in the gut. Organix analysis provides answers to how much you are affected by fungus.

Creating balance in the body can reduce symptoms and prevent future disease. Organix assay is designed to provide treatment to provide evidence and tools that could treat you and to prioritize body modes and treat you as an individual whole.

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