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Lymph Drainage

Lymph and sport treatment

This compression device can assist the body in a variety of ways.

General use 

      • Detoxification of the body
      • Regulates digestion
      • Improves circulation
      • Relief from constipation
      • Swollen ankles
      • Improves the functioning of intestines
      • Reduces fluid retention and oedema
      • Aids in the removal of lactic acid and toxins from the body
      • Aids in stress reduction and deep relaxation
Lymph room

Regular use of this treatment may

  • Avoid the development of cellulite
  • Stopping the accumulation of cellulite
  • Prevention and sometimes elimination of light varicose
  • Shaping legs and buttocks
  • Immediate relief for ‘heavy legs’
  • Speed recovery of skin after liposuction
lymph drainage

For the athlete and sports person

  • If you looking to recover faster
  • Decrease the chance of over use injuries
  • Faster lymph drainage means faster waste products removal
  • Speed up the supply of fresh blood to your limbs
  • Faster recovery means more effective training and racing
Lymph drainage and sports recovery

Recovery is key to getting back on the road again for the next session. Trying to sneak in more training session closer to the big day can be all too tempting.  Or going back on the road too soon and not incorporating enough resting days. That is why as athletes we can do with recovering quicker. The compression device works by removing stored lactic acid in the lymph nodes.

Muscles produce considerable metabolic waste (water, carbon dioxide, lactic acid etc), especially when utlised for strenuous activities. To speed up the body’s ability to rid the waste produced by exertion, this comprehensive treatment allows athletes to relax totally whilst the sequential compression of the garment uses the venous and lymphatic system to purge itself of its waste. Recovery time is shortened from days to hours. This allows you to train and compete at a higher level.

How does it work


Lymph drainage and sports recovery

The compression machine works by promoting and massively speeding up venous (oxygenated blood) return to the legs by inflating the boots from bottom to top (4 overlapping chambers) thus forcing blood back to the heart for re-oxygenation. Once all 4 chambers have inflated, Lymph drainage/ pressure release occurs, allowing the blood to rush back into the legs. Both good for you and it feels rejuvenating and relaxing.

Lymphatic compression also promotes Lymph activation and drainage which the body cannot do by itself without activity. The effect at an accelerate rate without the bruising of your typical sports massage. Best of all is yourecover while you sit back and relax.

The lymph system 

One if our biggest organs are so easy overlooked. When we have a virus, bacteria or toxins in the body the lymphatic system takes strain.

Symptoms of an overburden lymph system may include: fatigue, headaches, water retention, increased weight gain, cellulite and constipation or bowel disfunction. The lymphatic system plays an important role in the body’s health. It also filters the body’s waste and is responsible for keeping the immune system healthy. Blockages and slow lymphatic drainage can block the lymph nodes and cause cellulite and illnesses in the body. It is therefor very important to make sure our lymphatic and circulatory system are functioning at their peak.

Cost per treatment

A 45 minute session can provide all of this for you.  R290

One of the most important systems in your body is the lymphatic system. Cool video explaining the lymphatic system :

How It Works specifically for sports recovery

To understand how this recovery systems work we need to get a better understanding of some basic human physiology as it pertains to muscle function and the circulatory system. Arteries carry oxygenated blood and plasma from the heart to all the body extremities. The heart is the pump that pressurises the arterial system carrying nutrients (amino acids, glucose, proteins, oxygen, minerals etc) to the muscles and individual cells. The heart regulates the pumping rate to meet demands placed on the body. The “fight or flight” response.

Whilst the body can react instantly by upping the heart rate to increase the fuelling to the muscles, the recovery process is another story. Muscles produce considerable metabolic waste (water, carbon dioxide, lactic acid etc), especially when utilized for strenuous activities. The venous system carries the bulk of the waste, together with the lymphatic system, away from the extremities back to the heart. The body has no “return” pump and thus relies on muscle contraction to “squeeze” the waste from the affected area. Coaches have long advocated light recovery training to ease stiff and sore taxed muscles.

Time is the rare commodity in our modern world, and athletes struggle to find time for active recovery. Training and competing at a high level puts demands on the body that it was, quite simply, not designed for. To speed up the body’s ability to rid the waste produced by exertion, Muscle Mend allows athletes to relax totally (many users fall asleep!) whilst the sequential compression of the garment uses the venous and lymphatic systems to purge itself of its waste.

The largest muscles in the body are in the legs. By compression from foot to thigh the flow of the fluid into the venous system is greatly enhanced. The same applies to lymph drainage. Fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood gets to the muscles sooner, thus speeding the recovery process. Recovery time is shortened from days to hours. This allows athletes to train and compete at a higher level.

The pump action itself is controlled by a sophisticated computerized programme built into the unit. This can be simply adjusted to user requirements as regards time and intensity. Previously only available for the medical fraternity, Muscle Mend now brings this world class recovery technology to the South African sporting fraternity. Invest in Muscle Mend today and take your performance to a new level.

Note: The recovery systems that we use are built in Israel to the highest standards, utilizing state of the art computer technology. The inflatable garments are manufactured using NASA spec material to ensure thousands of hours of reliable use.


“I fully support the Muscle Mend boots!”

When it comes to performance many view the actual training as the ultimate key to success. In my view that is important but it’s what happens behind the scenes after the training that is most important. That’s where I have the edge with my Muscle mend boots which keep me on top of my game.

Travis JohnstonTop Professional Triathlete.May. 6, 2015

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Please note that lymphatic drainage is contra-indicated in certain conditions

·       Acute inflammation – caused by bacteria, viruses and poisons are contraindicated. Tissues will be red, hot, and painful with congestion accompanied by fever. Lymphatic drainage will push these substances into the lymph channels before the body has a chance to eliminate them. This way one can spread the toxic substances through the body. It is best to wait a few days until the condition is not acute and the body has had a chance to clean up the area

·       Malignant tumours.

·       Thrombosis – Can lead to free floating blood clots in the circulatory system

·       Major heart problems – if the heart is not fully functioning, oedema can be lympho dynamic due to a lack of venous return

·       DVT – previous DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

·       Kidney problems – Check with the physician before treating.

·       Bronchial asthma – this can stimulate the vagus nerve bringing on an attack.

·       Chemotherapy – fear of increasing the dosage by draining the interstitial spaces.

·       First three months of pregnancy.

·       Removed spleen – recommend shorter session first.

·       Pre existing medical condition – that excludes lymph drainage therapy.



The content on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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