Cupping and moxibustion


Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing art that regulates the flow of Qi and Blood.

In the Point of Origin practice, vacuum cups are used instead of fire cups. The advantage is that the pressure can be carefully selected for the individual needs of each patient, and the treatment is suitable for children as well.

How does it work?

It helps to release myofascial tissue. The tissue surrounding muscles can become tight and easy movement of the muscle is restricted. From a Chinese medicine element, the “toxins” are removed from the body. This applies to chronic muscular stiffness, asthma, fever, and mucous conditions. On the muscular system, it has the effect as if a deep massage therapy.

What conditions may benefit from cupping?

Muscular aches and pains
Children with stomach aches, coughing, and fevers
Common cold
Emotional complaints
High blood pressure
Menstrual problems
Fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome)
Sport injuries


The application of heat is probably the oldest form of treatment devised by man and, in spite of very little fundamental change in its method of administration, it still remains one of the most effective.

The use of Moxa is very effective to treat any conditions that are “stuck”. This can range from pain, including joint pain, period pain, nerve pain, headaches. Treatment for infertility has also been shown to be effective.

A herb, mugwort Artemisa Vulgaris (Mugwort, Wormwood) is rolled into a cigar-like roll. This is burnt and applied close to the skin. This “moves” the energy.
The warming of the Meridians also creates a sense of well being.

Conditions that Moxa therapy may treat:

Period pain
Joint pain
Immune system boosting (Wei Chi)
Breech presentation of the foetus



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